The Shekinah 
Life Purpose Center

 Guidance in Living a Joyful and Meaningful Life
           Discovering Our Passion, the Reason We Are Here On Earth                 Balancing Our Brilliant Minds and Our Soulful Hearts by
             Trusting Our Own Inner Knowing

         A great shift in consciousness is unfolding in which many are searching for  a deeper  heart connection.  We have experienced an up rootedness from  our deepest values  and  a separation from our natural world. This shift is calling for an awakening to  the natural  rhythms of Mother Earth and an honoring and balancing of the feminine.

    The Shekinah Life Purpose Center provides an opportunity to connect with  that  positive, creative, nurturing energy.  When we have an awareness that "everything  is energy,"  that there is a vibrational flow that we can participate in, we awaken to  our own best selves.  

       We become willing and able to acknowledge the best of who  we are, to face our shadows  and to  heal on a personal level.  When we honor and act upon our life purpose we find ourselves living joyful, fulfilled, meaningful lives.  We find the courage to meet life's  challenges and continue to be strengthened by the process.

     The workshops, classes, consultations and readings offered through the Shekinah Life Purpose Center are offered to help you
"be the change you wish to see in the world." ~Mahatma Ghandi

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