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Me with Rainbow Birthday cake at Joanne'

“Everything we need to know is already within us.”    Julia Hill Butterfly 

My life work is helping people connect with the wisdom, knowledge, and inner power that is our birthright. As a guide and facilitator in this process I encourage and support you to trust your own inner wisdom and apply that understanding to your life. By sharing our lives, our challenges and our successes, we learn from each other.

I founded the Life Purpose Center (now the Shekinah Life Purpose Center) in 1988 in Kansas City, Missouri. I have over 40 years experience in social services, counseling and workshop leadership in Kansas City, Fayetteville, Arkansas; Olympia, Washington; and Des Moines, Iowa. I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Philosophy and Religion from Cornell College of Iowa. In theological school and other graduate studies (for which I designed a Master's degree program in Feminist Spirituality before it was offered at any university) my focus was on counseling, small group work and comparative religion. In Kansas City I also completed a four-year mentoring study in psychic development. 

I have continued to study the spiritual practices and traditions of the world and have recently completed a two-year apprenticeship program in Shamanic Journeying. It is my gift to others to share how I apply these principles and practices in my life and work. As we shift the way we look at the world—and ourselves, we begin to realize we need not be victims of our past experiences or of old ways of thinking, feeling and acting. We have the ability to create the life we were meant to live.

The word "heal" comes from the root word “to make whole.”
By healing our hearts by transforming our lives the heart of the world is healed.


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