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Each of us is at our own stage of personal growth, finding our own sense of power and
developing a spirituality that works for us every day. Through these sessions you will connect
with your inner strength to enrich and empower your life. Many of us are disconnected from
that internal source of meaning and passion. This course guides you to see your life as an
integrated whole—thoughts and feelings congruent with how you act in the world.

These courses will help you:

1. Discover who you are, where you want to go and what you want in your life.
2. Expand your awareness of the natural world and help you tune in and harmonize your life.
3. Establish a foundation in the basics of meditation skills: grounding, centering and protection; develop
and nurture your own natural intuitive/psychic abilities.
4. Identify your strengths and accomplishments to face your challenges and transform them into
5. Determine your values and how you apply them to your life
6. Transform outmoded beliefs that are holding you back
7. Develop your strong central core of beliefs, clear boundaries and your shield of protection
8. Explore how your feelings and emotions ask important life-affirming questions
9. Continue the journey of self-discovery and empowerment through your astrology natal chart and your tarot life path archetype.

Together we will explore HOW THE WORLD REALLY WORKS. We have been taught time
and processes are linear with a beginning and an end, when in fact we are a part of a circle,
without beginning or end. Paying attention to the natural world by following natural rhythms of
the seasonal cycles of the sun and the waxing and waning phases of the moon gives us insight
into quantum physics—everything is energy. The indigenous/native peoples of our world have
always known and honored this. We have much to learn from them as well as how that
knowledge is now being articulated by modern-day scientists, through quantum physics.


You will learn different spiritual practices from a multi-cultural perspective, and the ancient
systems of Astrology and the Tarot. These help us be aware of our natural talents and abilities
and lead us to information about our life purpose. You will learn how to be comfortable with
the whole range of human emotions so that you may integrate and balance them with your
mind, body and spirit.

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