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What is the Tarot?

The Tarot is an ancient symbol system that offers guidance in dealing with both everyday situations as well as major life events. The images of the Tarot serve as a mirror for your life, reflecting the patterns and issues present at the time of the session. Through a Tarot Reading, the patterns and images reveal opportunities, challenges, and pathways to guide you toward the best possible outcomes.

What is an Intuitive/Psychic Tarot Reading?

In addition to the powerful imagery and symbolism contained within the Tarot itself, I also offer intuitive guidance. I discovered more than 38 years ago that I had a natural affinity for interpreting the symbolism of the Tarot for others. I have nurtured this talent through additional study, training and practice in developing my intuitive abilities.

When is a Tarot Reading helpful?

- Whenever you’re facing an important decision about:
- Your relationships with partners, family, friends
- Your work or financial concerns
- Whenever you want clarity
- To work through confusion or stressful situations
- To explore your options regarding your personal or spiritual direction


Through an Intuitive Tarot Reading I offer guidance to help you:

- Clarify your decisions about any of the above issues
- Gain insights into self-loving ways of using your energy to encourage the most growth in your life.


Tarot Services Offered 

Telephone Tarot Readings/consultation/counseling:

1.    Complete PayPal payment for your session (1 hour minimum)
2.    Call 515.279.3562 to schedule your appointment. 


My readings are offered on a sliding scale fee based on two things: how much you feel you can afford to pay and the value of the reading to you: $55-$105 per hour.  All services must be paid for in advance.  



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