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These classes will teach you to use this ancient wisdom tool for self-understanding, for exploring your life path, for making decisions and for understanding how other people’s actions affect you. Each class will end with individual readings so we can apply what we have learned. It is important to choose a deck that “speaks” to you.  Many decks can be explored on-line by asking for Tarot Images.

Beginning Class 
1.    Explore the origin of the Tarot: THE WHEEL OF LIFE REVEALS THE LAW OF NATURE.
2.    Learn the basics of reading the Tarot by exploring the basic elements (earth, air, fire and water) as reflected in the cards (the four suits, the Minor Arcana) and their applications to our daily lives. 
3.    Explore how various aspects of your life— your work in the world (earth energy), your mind activity (air energy), your spiritual values and beliefs (fire energy), and your feelings and emotions (water energy), are mirrored in the Tarot. Also learn what the numbers mean (numerology) and the astrological correspondences.
4.    Learn simple layouts to use the Tarot as a problem-solving tool.

Intermediate Class 
1.    Discover how this ancient tool identifies your own Life Path through   the archetypes represented in the Major Arcana of theTarot.
2.    Identify your Growth Archetype Symbol: possibilities for growth, opportunities, and challenges for the current year. Chart your Growth Cycles for your entire life to notice the themes and new areas of growth.
3.    Learn additional layouts that speak directly to a variety of questions and concerns.
4.    Begin reading and interpreting the cards intuitively.

Advanced Class 
1.    Explore the Art of Asking Questions and the importance of Ethical Behavior, as well as the necessity of doing our own Inner Work.
2.    Learn additional card layouts that show how the Tarot serves as a reflection of life’s events and processes.  
3.    Learn ways of clearing energy grounding and centering yourself.
4.    Begin reading for others with support as needed.

As we achieve a deeper understanding of the Tarot, we reach a clearer awareness of our own lives.  We can use these insights to choose ways of channeling our energy that are self-loving and which foster the most growth in our lives.



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